Stellar Federation Service for your Domain

Quickly setup federated Stellar addresses for your domain name without the need to install anything.

Stellar Network

Federated addresses

The Stellar federation protocol maps Stellar addresses to more information about a given user. It’s a way for Stellar client software to resolve email-like addresses such as name* into account IDs like: GCCVPYFOHY7ZB7557JKENAX62LUAPLMGIWNZJAFV2MITK6T32V37KEJU. Stellar addresses provide an easy way for users to share payment details by using a syntax that interoperates across different domains and providers.

Our service

We provide a service to use federated addresses on your own domain name without the need to setup a dedicated Stellar Federation server and database. All you need to do is add a stellar.toml file to your website and register your addresses on your dashboard.

Stellar Network